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Marla Downer

My first memory of singing is my mother calling me to the livingroom telling me that the Beatles were on the Ed Sullivan Show. I ran into the livingroom and sang every song with them! After that I sang Jesus Loves Me in church. My first solo op as a teen was also at church and I was shaking! Then came High School chorus, for which I had to audition, scared to death, and where I learned to read music, sing harmony and fully embrace the idea of singing for a lifetime.

I had my first band at my Army training station at Fort Devens, Massachusetts, when I was 18. I was hooked! We won the base talent contest twice and played for officers parties and local fairs. While stationed in Germany, I played my guitar and sang every day, usually sitting in my barracks window. I lived in Europe for 14 years and was part of six bands at the same time in Germany in the 80s, including a big band.

While assigned in England, I sang in pubs and at events at the base where I was stationed at RAF Chicksands, located an hour north of London. I also performed in theater, only musicals, in England, with a local group. I was the only American.

Since returning to America in 1993, I have been a part of three bands long-term, as well as performing in contests and placing each time. I was also a member of a barbershop quartet consisting of two men and two women, I have done solo acts many times, performed in countless weddings for friends outside of any band association, and currently sing with many local groups that know me and request that I sing with them when I attend their events.

I am delighted to be associated with The Hot Flash Band now and look forward to a long and enjoyable future with them! Long live music and the arts!

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